The WordCamp “Contributor Day” brings together a wide variety of WordPress enthusiasts allowing everyone to have an opportunity to help build WordPress. In the past, I have only seen contributor days focused on the code and testing for WordPress core. But at #wcus15, I had the opportunity to be a part of a team developing some of the first marketing materials for WordPress.

As someone in marketing, it’s funny to think that after 12 years, the community is just now getting around to thinking about “selling” the product to end users. And it’s amazing to consider that WordPress has become a go-to solution for content management on the web without some type of formalized marketing before now. It’s proof that word-of-mouth advertising — and in the WordPress ecosystem that means WordCamps and Meetups — is one of the most effective ways to get your product in the hands of the widest audience.

WordPress now powers 25% of the web. Have we reached a saturation point? Not hardly. There is more market share out there especially in the education and non-profit arenas. And now with the new REST API, we can expect to see applications that haven’t even been imagined yet. It’s an exciting time for WordPress, and a great time to starting thinking about “marketing” to new and to existing users.

I was part of the WordPress minded marketers that came up with this open-source flyer for use by the WordPress community. You can grab it over at GitHub — there has been a suggestion to convert it to HTML, so feel free to jump in and make your own contribution to WordPress. And follow the new marketing channel over at for updates.

From WCUS: Introducing WP Reasons aka a WordPress flyer/brochure